Guante Crusader-Flex altas temperaturas libre asbesto

Superior heat resistance with complete protection for hand and wrist♦ Non-woven felt insulation and a full-length heat barrier designed for intermittent handling of objects up to 400ºF♦ Two-piece construction eliminates outseams for better finger comfort, dexterity and flexibility Bonded nitrile coating protects against snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts♦ Provides excellent grip when handling dry or oily surfaces Contains no asbestos Back of hand heat insulation (42-445 & 42-474) Designed for intermittent dry heat contact up to 400°F. IndustryFoodIndustryManufacturingIndustryRaw Food Service Glass Metal Fabrication Bottling and glass handling Handling large panes of hot glass Intermittent handling of hot cores, castings, fabricated metals and controls up to 400°F
Manufactured by: Ansell
Model: Crusader-Flex
Product ID: 42-474

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